Had a lovely morning planning and starting a new body of work. Sadly, it seems like an AGE since I started to work without thinking of monetising or exhibiting the result. Some of these pieces I like as they are - much of it will be developed by over-painting or drawing.

I'm also gathering info for something else (I was working on textures at the weekend) and again - so nice not to be stressing myself out and to be just concentrating on creativity over the rest of it.



As usual, I just can't get a decent photo lol whether I try indoors or out! But, I'm sure you get the gist. These last two I'm going to keep as is - but then again, I may break out the gold leaf! I'm going to actually scan work from now on, as I think I'll get a much more satisfactory result.

I did a painting on a small, square canvas for The Willow fundraiser earlier this summer - and really liked the scale and proportion so much that I've cut my card in the same way for this series.




UPDATED to add that I just can't get a good result from scanning across LED/backlit screens. I spent nearly 2 hours yesterday and about the same today - and whilst these images are fab on an Apple flat screen - they look shit on LED. So I have learned that compromise will have to be my watchword. But I still hate it lol. You can go see some more work in this series by clicking on the SELECTED link in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

And yes, I did do a bit of work to clean up and spiffy-fy my blog - hope you like.