Woot, woot - upscaling some work from my sketchbook. Original size 2 x A5 spread to A1 - using the same media (acrylic and oil pastel) - but using drafting film instead of uncoated paper. Really pleased with this and just want to go BIGGER lol Read more →

Stocktaking in every sense of the word. Having another studio fling. Looking at work - and deciding what to keep and what to paint over/get rid of. Feel like chucking it all out (and to be honest - feel like chucking it all in). Enough of that! One thing I... Read more →

In the style of ... Turner A series of 5 practical sessions. Each week you will focus on a different artist from the Walker Art Gallery's collection. You will be shown techniques and given tips on how to create a work in the style of this artist. (I believe this... Read more →

Funny old weather - all purple mornings, lurid sunsets, big bright moons and today - snow. Landscape all monochrome except for the occasional blush of colour. Loads of lovely texture and smeared lines. Mmmm. I think this was my favourite image of the day. As well as doing these, I... Read more →

It has been quite a week of mornings - with wintery showers, blazing, dazzling sunshine, almost-Spring and lurid sun-rises. I signed up to post something every day on Twitter #CSAdaily18 - and so far I'm actually managing it! I'm also cross-posting to Instagram - confusingly enough, getting lots of likes... Read more →

What a brilliant idea, RA - to livestream a life class from your 'From Life' programme. Even better - you can see it again - as they posted the whole thing on You Tube. Fab. I'm absolutely crap at drawing people, but I loved this and will deffo revisit it.... Read more →

It's fascinating to see the outlines of old field margins and vanished features highlighted by a dusting of snow. It came and went all day - only the top of the Pike stayed white under heavy skies. Read more →

I changed my mind about the dark backdrop because it was a bit draining and depressing, no? Anyway, we'll all have to live with the vagaries of LED backlit screens and me bitching about it. I need a bit of bright optimism as I pack up my studio at Cross... Read more →


Retreating into a sketchbook. Much to think about. Using up a cache of Pantone swatch/chips from a previous life. I don't know about our man-made, 'magical Christmas' - the natural world is just so, so amazing. The light show in the sky on Christmas morning was amazing - the birds... Read more →

Another concertina! Beautiful clear blue skies today - but the coldest one yet. A slumbering old laburnum tree with golden dried leaves and seed pods still clinging. Beautiful, staccato tree trunks and branches - half gilded with sunlight. Hard to believe this was all monochrome and snow yesterday. Read more →

There's a lot of copper and gold in these because someone had taken down a large tree on one side of the road, and all around were these HUGE dried leaves, some of which had blown into the water. The lime green is from a sunlit veil of super-vibrant moss;... Read more →

I've been following some folks who have coincidentally been using concertina sketchbooks - and I've thought "oooh that looks good" and "ooh I could make one of those to see if I like it before buying one". Reader, I went to Google to find a DIY/some instructions, and quite literally... Read more →

Works on A2 paper ... loving the light this week ... even some sunlight! ... so I'm amassing quite a lot of these A2 works on paper - they are nicely bridging the void between workbook looseness and fluidity - versus something more static on canvas. I've tried this kind... Read more →

No studio Yayday this week as everyone has been hard at it preparing Cross Street for the upcoming Open Studio & Associates Show. Looking very bonny and vibrant. Sadly limited as to what I can do to join in (my last episode up a ladder didn't end well) - but... Read more →

I used to quite like drawing in plain sight, out and about, in public and all of that. I'd be happy to zone out and be in my own little bubble. Now - not so much. I think it's a combination of carrying all my favourite junk and media with... Read more →

Today I had the loveliest time painting trees. As much as I love painting light - I love trees best. I know abstracty-abstract is coolio and clever - but I love trees. Love them. This one looks a bit wishy-washy because of the flash. I'm still using up paint remnants... Read more →

This morning there was the most incredible pink light. Much like Storm Ophelia's yellow. It did leave you wondering what was in store (cue suspense music). I'm trying to develop a home studio routine - as it looks like I'm going to have to give up my studio at Cross... Read more →

YAY! Visit my shop here - woot! So excited ... can you tell lol At the moment it is stocked with some small works - more to come this week. I'm hoping to get back to the mangle, and get some prints in there too. Read more →

Still using up all those bits and bobs and odd bits of paint. Lovely. Has made for some interesting colour choices (even if most of them got painted over lol). I really liked the relative minimalism of the chasing rain work I did last week. I was thinking of developing... Read more →

Back in my studio at Cross Street - for the first time in what feels like AGES. Today I was totally lied to by the weather forecast, which had promised fabulous sunshine. But that's OK as it meant I was in the mood for catching sweeping rain. I love the... Read more →

DIY charcoal

This looks like fun - I would love to try this with birch (as I'm always drawing birch trees) - but I'm in a smokeless zone .... poo. Has anyone else tried this? I seem to remember some beautiful work on display at World of Glass, St Helens that featured... Read more →

Trying to make the most of my studio time before I have to let it go. Loving the light and the contrast this week as we s l o w l y tip into Autumn. Drying on the floor - I worked these studies quickly on the wall with my... Read more →

Rain and wind and slants of golden light - straight out of my workbook and photographed on my desk - hence the less than stellar quality. Might mount and frame some of these to sell (GASP) as it has occurred to me that having an online shop might actually help... Read more →

Settling down to paint in my old but new home studio. I've had a major purge (as it's only a small space) and I've become comfortable now with painting on the wall - rather than on my work table. The light is OK (north-facing window) and I have a daylight... Read more →

The previous WIP now looks like this (above) - woot! I decided against the top and bottom dark glaze thing - after messing about in Photoshop. I don't know if it is the change of season approaching - but the light has certainly changed over the last week or so.... Read more →

Playing with light through trees - as usual my craply-lit photos do this no justice. The detail marks I'm very pleased with (of course you can't see them here lol) - click to go bigger. I took the image into Photoshop, to add some simulated dark glazes to the top... Read more →

Wow - gorgeous gallery; fantastic location for his year's LAF. I've been lucky enough to have been chosen to exhibit here for the last 4 years (I think) and have watched the show grow and evolve. This year was very different from previous years - in Stanhope Street (which I... Read more →

I need a photo credit! Lady Mayoress Wears Her Nasty Badge at Wigan Pride! Nasty Women Wigan exhibition: Fri 11th Aug – Sun 3rd Sept (open weekends and by appointment on weekdays) opening evening: Fri 11th Aug 7.30-9.30pm closing party: Sat 2nd Sept 7.30-9.30pm An amazing job by CSA Nasty... Read more →

Three pieces for Nasty Women, Wigan stall at Old Courts event for Wigan Pride - profits from work donated to support local charities. And then this (below) went of to a secret postcard show (is it a secret if you show your own work? lol) - at The Old Lock... Read more →