Workbook - 1

Playing with light captures and colour mixing. I'm trying to match the green gold of a paint sample tube I got ages ago and which I've been hoarding ever since.

By mixing-up and scraping-around variations of cadmium yellow with tiny amounts of mars black - I can now summon up my own murky yellow-green-golds. The biggest success of the day though was in capturing some of that lovely dappled light you can get by looking up at the sky through a canopy of leaves. Yay!

Workbook - 1 (1)

Next, trying to layer up green - in order to try and render the lushness of all of the new growth that has belted out so hard in the last week or so. Everything has such brilliance.

Sun - 1 (1)

Sun - 1


Sun - 1 (2)

Workbook - 1 (2)


Workbook - 1 (3)