Artist Discussion & TERM - Egon Schiele


Was he well-dodgy? Was he the poster boy of degenerative art as defined by the Nazi regime? Did he commit incest with his own sister?

"It is not just that there is not a single Schiele in any British public gallery. It is that his raw, expressive nude portrayals of young girls, children and of himself just out of adolescence are today more, not less, disturbing than when he created them in Vienna between 1910 and 1918."
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Artist Discussion & TERM - Egon Schiele - the activities around the lecture concentrated on blind contour drawing, collage and self-portraiture.

The collage (below) - uses a torn up magazine page, hair dye and paper. I like the messy finger marks. The blind contour drawing below that - I added blocks of colour to frame/bookend it. I love the energy of blind contour and am always amazed at the outcome.

The lecture was really thought-provoking and disturbing; the imagery sometimes hard to view. It somehow feels very wrong to admire the techniques that Schiele used in his work - when often - the subject matter is so disquieting.





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