Wilflight1 - 1 (4)

There is something very moving about sitting in a church and experiencing the many layers of prayer - grief and joy, beginnings and endings, faith and belief; belonging and witnessing.

Indeed, “I am the Light” and “The Light of the World” are allegories for divine identity and purpose.

In this body of work, I have chosen to capture light in an orb or enclosure to further echo the sense of holding something precious yet ethereal.  I have also brought in elements of gilding /golden light and fragments of colour, spilling through stained glass windows onto stone.

I was also captivated by the effect of movement outside (a figure walking by; wind blowing through trees) on stained glass as viewed from within. It almost adds a film-like, animation flicker - spooky!


Wilflight1 - 1

Small image 1 (left): 'Lightkissedstone 1'
Monoprint; acrylic medium on heavy watercolour paper

Wilflight1 - 1 (1)

Small image 2 (right): 'Shadowglass2'
Monoprint; acrylic medium on heavy watercolour paper
Large image: 'We are the light'
Acrylic, marker and oil pastel on heavy watercolour paper

I know that somewhere (unless it was lost in the Great Laptop Disaster of 2017) I have better images of stained glass light bleeding onto stone ... but look how the light can make things look bleached out or smokey -

Glass - 1 (1)

Glass - 1 (2)

Glass - 1 (6)

I love the extreme vividness of colour given a boot of light coming through - amazing - and the jumble of paint remnants on scrapers have a similar fragmenty-vitality here ...

Glass - 1 (3)

Glass - 1 (7)

This is my favourite - that blur of green on stone ... is it real or imagined? Honestly - that is light and not a scribble!

Glass - 1 (5)