CSA Christmas | Christmas Market

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CSA Gallery Space - Exhibition - Colour in Absence
Cross Street Arts are creating their own white Christmas by erasing colour from their palette. All the works in this exhibition play with the inanimate concepts of white, the blank materials and forms that an artist starts with, the supposed purity of white, its many shades, and its materialisations in the natural world. Without colour the show will celebrate texture and shadow.
11.00am-6.00pm After party 6.00-8.00pm.

I'll have work showing as part of this event from my 'Mad as the mist and snow' series - inspired by a fragment of work by W.B. Yeats

"Our minds are at their best this night,
And I seem to know
That everything outside us is
Mad as the mist and snow"

Masdas - 1

Open Studios
Come upstairs and see the artists work spaces and works in progress, alongside new works by our associate artists on the corridors.
11.00am -6.00pm

Cross Street Arts market stall in conjunction with
Standish Christmas Market
Pick up an arty pressie or treat yourself!