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CSA ONLINE Prompt 5: Flight, June 2020
3 pieces from the archive

Screenshot 2020-06-04 at 10.40.08
An Arctic Tern can live for 25 years, and their migration paths can cover over a million kilometres - I wanted to explore this tremendous passing through day and night; dusk and dawn; heat and cold; motion and change.
’Over mountain and dark sea, the sun made our wings bronze’ (above) seeks to describe this transformation and the ‘becoming’ of migration.

Originally shown in 'Migrate' - a show at Cross St Arts Gallery as part of a collaboration with A6 Dialogue.

Fly to Heaven is from a tryptich of pieces produced for VS - a joint exhibition by New Art Spaces Leigh and Cross Street Arts in conjunction with Castlefield Galleries and NeoArtists, Bolton. This piece was shown alone.

Flewaway - 1
And then he turned and flew away was produced during a monoprinting session. I think the title sums this one up ...